Author Munson Steed is back with his fifth children's book: Plush Crew Alphabet Safari.

The Plush Crew Alphabet Safari is a wonderful tool to help young children learn their ABCs. It takes the beginning reader on a journey through the animal kingdom, exploring creatures domestic and exotic from A to Z with the help of a colorful collection of characters known The Plush Crew as their guides.

Together, these youngsters and The Plush Crew explore the safari, which takes them from walking through forests to riding in boats to flying high in hot air balloons while capturing images of beautiful animals and natural landscapes. The animals find joy in their environments while encouraging children to do the same in theirs. Parents should not only read the letters to their little ones but also start a conversation with them about what they are seeing and what the characters are experiencing.

Plush Crew Alphabet Safari sparks children’s imaginations to go to the places where these animals live and experience the excitement of travel through rushing rivers, deep canyons, lush forests and giant sandcastles. 

"Instead of thinking that the only words are in textbooks," Steed says, "I wanted to create something visual that allows children to go on an adventure so that they are meeting and learning with The Plush Crew.  They see the letters of the alphabet as play, and they are able to connect them to the animals on the safari.

"With Plush Crew Alphabet Safari, young readers will begin to learn the alphabet, expand their vocabularies and broaden their imaginations as they experience these special characters and explore the wonders of the natural world. And this is just the beginning for The Plush Crew, who will always be there to support children’s personalities and fundamental intellectual growth on their journey through the safari of learning."  

Just in time for the holiday season, Steed is making a limited number of sneak-peak early buys of Plush Crew Alphabet Safari available at plushcrew.com.